Humorous Photos Of Dogs


The photos in this article are humorous images of dogs.  They are compiled by Kaelin Tully of Buzzfeed.

The Great Dane in # 7 shows his humans that they can hide NOTHING from him.  Nothing.  The displeased look on doggie # 9 is just adorable.  His lips curve down.  It’s not hard to read a dog’s mood, is it?

The dog in Image # 13 would probably learn the lesson of NEVER falling asleep while in a seated position when there’s a dress-up artist around the house.  You never know what you’d look like when you wake up.

It took me a second longer to figure out image #17.  When I found the dog, then I got the joke.

CLICK here to see the other humorous photos.

Sometimes I swear my friend's dog is a human in dogs skin - Imgur

Article source:  Kaelin Tully of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Imgur via Buzzfeed


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