[VIDEO] Puppy At Pet Store Jumps Into Woman’s Arms


The puppy in this video keeps jumping into a woman’s arms at the pet store.  The woman picks up this beautiful white Pomeranian because it looks so adorable, and the puppy is so enamored with her that he keeps jumping into her arms, even though she puts him back in his crate several times.

If this woman is actually shopping for a puppy at this pet store, I think that’s her sign right there.  Her puppy has found her.

Sometimes I think it’s a chemistry thing between dogs and us.  We hone into each other’s signals like a radar–“pick me, pick me”.   I think in this case, the message is loud and clear.

I hope she takes the puppy home.  Enjoy this sweet, endearing video.

Image source:  nutty333 on Imgur


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