[VIDEO] Puppy Growing Up With Baby Cheetah


The puppy in this video grows up with the baby cheetah.  The puppy is Raina, and the cheetah is Ruuxa.  They are only 1 week apart in age.  Now they are grown, and are ambassadors at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Ruuxa was rejected as a cub, so he was raised by the zoo keepers.  Raina was just a week older than Ruuxa, and became his “sibling”.  The two bonded very quickly.  Raina helps Ruuxa feel confident in new and public surrounding.  Her body language helps calm and relax the baby cheetah.

If you visit the Safari Park, you may see Raina and Ruuxa taking a walk with their trainers.

Enjoy this endearing video as the two babies grow up together.


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