[VIDEO] This Puppy Needs Potty Training

video of puppy Cooper on Valentines Day

In this video, Cooper makes a point about the importance of potty training a puppy.  His Dad filmed this video on a Valentine’s Day.  He wants Cooper to experience the magic of Valentine’s Day, and puts Cooper on the bed while he spreads rose petals over the bed cover.  The video doesn’t say how old Cooper is at this filming, but apparently, he is not completely potty-trained.

So, after all that beautifying, Dad needs to change the bedsheet and re-decorate.   Hopefully, he will find help in potty-train Cooper, so he doesn’t need to spend too much time taking care of these accidents.  So how do we potty-train a puppy?  Emily Wilson shares some wonderful tips on this topic in Desirablepuppy.com.

Potty training a puppy

First of all, when accidents happen, stay calm and relaxed, suggests Emily Wilson.  Remember that this is just a baby and doesn’t yet know what to do. Patience is much appreciated in your baby’s learning process.  Emily also strongly recommends that we do not punish them by yelling or rubbing their nose  in it or hitting their rear.

Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters

Her in-depth article goes into the mindset that would help us through the training period.  She goes into the different ways of training a puppy to potty and setting a potty training schedule.  Her article answers questions including when to begin house-training our puppy, how long do we need to potty train, and what to do if our puppy forgets his potty training.  Emily believes that potty training requires us to be patient, consistent, and provide positive reinforcement.   Even though it takes months, maybe even a year for some dogs, for the potty training, it is so worth the time investment.  You will have your house back, your schedule back, your freedom back.  Many a dog owners who skip this training may be so frustrated with the daily clean-up that they end up having to part with their dog.  You can read more about these tips here.

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Article source:  Emily Wilson in Desirablepuppy.com


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