[VIDEO] Shorkie Puppy Enjoying Time With Mom

video Shorkie puppy playing

This is a video of a most delightful Shorkie puppy playing with her mom.  Shorkie is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Shih Tzu.  Crossbreeding often eliminates some of the “problem” aspects of purebred.

It is less predictable which side of the family a Shorkie takes after in both physical appearance and personality.  Elle Di Jensen in Pets The Nest is glad to write that dogs of mixed heritage are no longer considered “mutts” but as designer breeds. 🙂  When a Yorkie is grown, it does not exceed 7 pounds, whereas a Shih Tzu can weigh between 9 to 16 pounds.  Their offspring the Shorkie can weigh anywhere between 7 and 16 pounds, depending on which side of the family tree they take after.

Characteristics of a Shorkie (Shih Tzu and Yorkie)

A Shorkie’s silky coat can be mid to long in length.  If they take after the Shih Tzu parent, the Shorkie would have a double coat.  As far as personality goes, both parents make good companions, and are playful and brave.  The Yorkie is more determined, like to investigate things, and have lots of energy.  he Shih Tzu is alert and lively.

Whichever side of the family your Shorkie takes after, they are going to be tiny as puppies.  She is going to need just as much attention as a human baby.

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Don’t leave her alone while she is getting used to her new home.  Interact a lot and help her get used to your schedule.

Some individuals will be easier to potty train than others.  At the first indication that your Shorkie needs to use the bathroom, train her to either use a pee pad or take her outside. Take her to the same area every hour and after every meal.  This will help her learn the routine.

She likes to play but will get tired easily, so train her to take frequent naps.  Since the Shorkie does not have much body fat, make sure there is food and water available for her at all times.  You can learn more about the Shorkie here.

Article source:  Elle Di Jensen in Pets The Nest


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