[VIDEO] Samoyed Rocked To Sleep

video Samoyed napping with dad

Isn’t this just the sweetest video?   Rocked to sleep in Dad’s arms!   Who looks more relaxed?  Dad or Torkel?  This is the kind of moment that takes all stress and worries away.

What makes the Samoyed so special?   Friendly, sweet-tempered,  and affectionate are among the traits of a Samoyed, according to Dog Time.  She is loyal and intelligent.  Actually, Samoyeds were originally bred to hunt, pull sleds, and guard reindeer.  They could live in climates that are 60 degrees below zero.  A tribe they lived with long ago was named the Samoyede, that’s how this dog breed got their name.

When they were living with the Samoyede tribe, the people treats the dogs like family, including them in family activities at the end of the day.  Because the climate is so cold, the dogs would sleep on top of their family to keep people warm.  So, Samoyed is not a lone wolf.  They need to be around people, and be involved with family activities.

Characteristics of a Samoyed

Because this is an active dog, Dog Time suggests that condos and apartments are not quite suitable for a Samoyed, who needs to run around and spend his energy.  A bored Samoyed can entertain himself in ways that you would not appreciate—digging, chewing, for example.  So give them a job to do to keep them occupied.

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They are very fond of children.  And it is important to teach younger children how to respectfully approach dogs and how to touch them, so they are not pulling ears and tails.  Always supervise interactions between the young ones and dogs.

Because the Samoyed has a hunting instinct, when you take him for a walk, be sure he is on a leash so he doesn’t dash off after small animals that run.  Your yard would need to be securely fenced.  And if you have cats and other small animals at home, introduce them properly.  Samoyeds do appreciate the company of other dogs.  You can read more about this breed here.

Enjoy watching this sweet Samoyed being gently rocked to sleep.  Hope it is just as relaxing for you.  If you like this video, here is another Samoyed video.

Article source:  Dog Time


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