[VIDEO] Puppy Talking With The Sweetest Voice In His Sleep


The adorable puppy in this video is talking in his sleep, and he has the sweetest voice!

Listening to him talk in his sleep can soothe away any tension from the day.   He just has that angelic voice.  The rolling of the “rrrrrrr”.  How does he do that in his sleep?   I am just ga-ga over him, watching his every move…his little paws, his little stretches.  I find myself watching this video again and again.

I love the way he twists his little body.  It’s one of those adorable moments where you put your hand over your heart.

And I am so glad that his humans gave him his own doll to keep him company when he sleep.  I like how he rests his head on his doll.

If this were my puppy, I would not be able to take my eyes off him.   He is the definition of ADORABLE!

Enjoy watching the sweet little one in this video.


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