[VIDEO] Misa Minnie The Yorkshire When She Was 10 Months Old


Remember Misa Minnie the Yorkshire who knows a ton of tricks?  At the filming of this video, Misa Minnie was only 10-months-old.

Misa is home-trained by her human mom, using positive reinforcement–lots of praises and treats.  Isn’t it amazing what praise, encouragement, and applause can do in the learning process?

In this video, Misa demonstrates some of the tricks she knows.  And it’s just a part of her repertoire.  I hope she is discovered by Hollywood!  Some of the skills she shows in this video include:  sitting pretty, knocking down a pyramid of cups that’s taller than she is, waving, weaving between cups, praying, going around something, pushing a shopping cart (her shopping cart), closing the doors of a closet (hers) putting the laundry away (hers), jumping through her human’s arms, and more.

Misa has her own Facebook page if you like to see more of this lovely Yorkshire.  Her FB page is me.so.mini.misa.

Enjoy watching very talente Misa Minnie in this video.


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