[VIDEO] These Pitbulls Are Enjoying Their Everyday Life


The Pitbulls in this video are enjoying their everyday life.  Some of the scenes are humorous, some are sweet, and some are AAAWWWWW moments.

For example, they can enjoy a motorcycle ride just like their humans.  And wearing stylish, eye-protective gears too!  They are patient with little kitties, and the gentlest friend to them.

They like to lick –yes, human heads as well!  They just want to show their affection.  And they can wrap their arms around you to hug you.

Then there are the puppies scenes–before they open their eyes, crawling back to their sleeping siblings.  And the ones who like sleeping upside down.

And my favorite one–the last scene.  I don’t want to give it away.  I think it’s an AAAWWWW moment.

Enjoy this video!


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