[VIDEO] A Husky Who Knows How He Feels About The Kennel


The Husky in this video knows exactly how he feels about the kennel.  His name is Blaze.  At this filming Blaze was 11-months-old.  Turn up your volume to experience the humor of this video.

Blaze is a vocal Husky.  His humans need to take him to the kennel, and is persuading Blaze to cooperate.  For whatever reason, Blaze does not want to.

Blaze knows what he wants.  He has his own mind, and is not concerned about how much the humans beg.

Isn’t it wonderful that he stands his ground?  He is clear about his likes and dislikes, and gives no mixed messages about it.  The human’s voice sounds like pleading.  Blaze’s tone is definitive.  I wonder who wins…

Enjoy this humorous video!


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