[VIDEO] Shih Tzu Puppy Playing Joyfully With His Human


The Shih Tzu puppy in this video is playing joyfully with his human.  I can’t stop smiling watching this bundle of joy!   How would you like to come home to this Shih Tzu puppy everyday?

I notice the human is imitating the playfulness of the puppy.  He is on the floor, at eye level with the puppy, and nuzzles the pup.  I imagine that is more fun for a puppy than interacting with someone who’s 5 or 6 feet taller than you.

The Shih Tzu is just a joyful little one.  I don’t know who is having more fun, him or his human.  Look at the puppy’s tail action throughout the video.  And doesn’t his markings look like he’s wearing shorts?

This video puts a big smile on my face.  It’s a good one to watch again and again when you come home everyday.

Enjoy watching this very sweet puppy play!

Image source:  Jim Winstead on Flickr


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