[VIDEO] Puppy Wants To Hold Hands


The puppy in this video wants to hold hands with his human, while he is driving.  The puppy’s name is Tom.

Not everyone (well, not every dog) likes to ride in the car.  In this case, there is no seat belt, no crate to keep him safe.  That’s understandable that Tom is feeling a bit unsafe.

I know some dogs love the feeling of hanging their head out the window, catching the breeze in their face.  Kind of like humans who enjoy riding in a convertible, feeling the wind more vividly.

I think it’s sweet that Tom reaches out to his human for comfort and reassurance.  I wish I could be there to hold his hand.  Actually, to hold HIM!

Enjoy meeting this sweet puppy in the video.

Image source:  Storyful via YouTube


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