[VIDEO] Corgi Enjoying A Relaxing Massage


The Corgi in this video is enjoying a most relaxing massage.

His human gives him the same thorough massage that humans receive.  Under the cheekbone, the sinus area, the forehead, the scalp.  Then on to the neck muscles, the shoulders, the lower back.  Then his legs and feet.

What a good idea to especially massage the shoulder area.  I think because of a Corgi’s short legs, their shoulders seem to do a lot of work when they jump into action.  That’s how it looks to me anyway.

I think our dogs love being touched anyway.  A massage like this–the gentle releasing of muscle strain, the nurturing touch from a loved one (or a massage therapist) is most appreciated.  At least in the case of this well-loved Corgi.

Relax along with this puppy as you watch the video.


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