[VIDEO] Jesse The Jack Russell Personal Doggie Assistant


The Jack Russell in this video is Jesse, a very talented dog who CAN be a personal assistant.

Jesse’s human trains him to do many wonderful tricks, which also happens to make her life lighter.  For example, in this video, Jesse wakes her up, turn on the CD for her morning music, get coffee and breakfast (even though the food were just pretend), dust (pretend) wipe the floor (real), get the mail (real), close the door, vacuum (it can be a doggie vacuum/or it can be a human hand held vacuum).

Jesse also shines his human’s shoes while she is in them.  He does this by wearing doggie socks.  He takes out the garbage, carries the shopping basket, and push the shopping cart back in the parking lot.

Jesse picks up empty plastic bottle and puts them in the recycling bin.  He turns on the light, and brings a blanket to his human.

These may be fun tricks for Jesse, but they are really useful skills that help out his human.

Enjoy watching this very busy assistant in the video.



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