[VIDEO] Trusted Doggie Nannies


The doggie nannies in this video are trusted by their humans, and deservedly so.

Starting with the dog who makes sure the baby is warm, she brings the corner of the blanket together to cover the baby.

Then there’s the dog (Charlie) who can’t bring enough toys to please his baby.  And he watches his baby fall asleep and kisses the baby.

My favorite is the dog who reaches out to a child sitting all by himself.  The little boy seems to feel alone.  The dog does everything he can to help the child feel loved and not alone.  I especially like the moment when he puts his arm on the boy’s shoulder.  What a statement of “You are not alone.”  The little boy’s life has got to be different as a result of this tender moment.

Then there’s the puppy who rushes to the baby’s side when the vacuum cleaner turns on, making sure that the baby is not frightened by the loud noise.  He wraps his arm around the baby.

So many loving, tender scenes in this video.  Enjoy your experience!


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