[VIDEO] Red Poodle Grow In 50 Days Time Lapse

video of a Red Poodle grow in 50 days

This is a video filming 50 days of growth of a red poodle puppy.  Her name is Trudi.  Watch how big the chair was at the beginning of the video, and the very last scene when her Dad picks her up.  Red poodles seem rare.  Still, regardless of the different sizes and colors, they are the same breed—Poodle.

How to take care of Poodles

This is a very intelligent dog and learns quickly.  Sometimes because owners find their Poodles so cute that they forget to teach them good manners.  But it is good to train them, no matter how cute they look. Dogs like it when they understand what their human friends want from them and be able to respond to us.

Do dogs like to be trained?

They love to make us happy. Training enhances their ability to respond. And it adds to their sense of confidence as they master more skills and learn more vocabulary from you.  There is a sense of pride.  Just think of Jesse the Jack Russell and Misa Minnie the Yorkie.  And it helps you communicate that much more easier with your dog.

How much grooming do Poodles need?

Gentle workouts for flexibility DVD Miranda Esmonde-White
Gentle workouts for flexibility DVD Miranda Esmonde-White

Poodles do need to be groomed, according to Dog Time.  Many Poodle owners take their dogs to a professional groomer every 3 to 6 weeks.  But you can learn to do it yourself.  It’s going to take time to perfect the skill.

How to take care of Poodles’ eye stains

Another care that Poodles need are the stains around their eyes.  They have weepy eyes.  Especially on the white Poodles, the stains are more obvious.  And probably less on Trudi-a red Poodle.  An easy way to take care of this is to gently wipe their face everyday with a washcloth dipped in warm water.  Another area to care for is potential bloating, which can happen with large, deep chested dogs, especially if they are fed one large meal a day.  The article in Dog Time goes into this.  You can read about it here.

Enjoy watching Trudi’s growth within 50 days.

Article source:  Dog Time


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