[VIDEO] Goldendoodle Having The Best Beach Day

video goldendoodle first day at beach

In this video, we see what a good time Bear the Goldendoodle is having at the beach.  It is his first beach outing.  Already he looks like he’s lived on the beach forever.  I am glad to see that his leash is connected to a harness and not his neck.  It looks so much more comfortable for dogs.  Great invention.

For those who have a Goldendoodle, you might recognize their urge to dig.  Bear dug a hole in the sand in under a minute.  I know a Goldendoodle named Tucker who digs holes in the park constantly.  He’d be a great help if you are trying to prepare the soil in your yard for planting.  Finding twigs is another great joy of theirs.  It’s Tucker’s mission to look for twigs everytime he goes to the park.

What are Goldendoodles like?

Goldendoodles love to play with other dogs.  They are very social, and don’t know the word “stranger.”  Everyone is a friend.

Goldendoodles make a great family dog.  They are cheerful, gentle, affectionate, eager to please, according to Pet Wave.  They would make a great companion for individuals who are differently able.

Do Goldendoodles get along with other pets?

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Goldendoodles are great with children, provided they are properly socialized.  And they do fine with cats and smaller animals because they don’t have a prey instinct, as long as they are introduced in a way that feels good to them.

What do the needs of a Goldendoodle?

Do not leave a Goldendoodle alone for a long time.  They are such social people that they thrive when there are people around.  If they don’t get enough attention, time, and affection, they can crumble.  Goldendoodles are high energy, active dogs.  If they can run around, swim, walk, play for several hours a day, they would be fit, both mentally and physically.  So you do need to have some time carved out if you were to have a Goldendoodle.  You can read more about them here.

Enjoy watching Bear’s first day at the beach.

Article source:  Pet Wave


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