[VIDEO] Saint Bernard Puppy King Kong Growing Up

video Saint Bernard named King Kong

This video films St. Bernard puppy, King Kong, growing up.  Mom looks like she has quite a load on her hand when she carried King Kong up the stairs.  About the middle of the video, King Kong was watching television intently.  The program he was watching?  Wolves.

What are St. Bernard’s like?

King Kong is quite attracted to the family cat, who would prefer that King Kong not be so fascinated with her.   St. Bernard’s can get along with other pets if they are raised together, according to Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy.  Actually,they are quite accepting of almost everyone.  He is generally relaxed, calm (when he’s an adult) and patient.  Because of his massive size, do train him to heel on command.  And start early when his size is still manageable.

A work dog

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St. Bernard’s were bred to be working dogs.  They are happy when they have something to do, suggests Michele.  Let him carry a backpack or pull the children on a sled in the snow.  He is a very social dog and needs your companionship, so don’t leave him alone too long.  It would be best if he lives in a home with a yard to run around.  If you live in an apartment, like the family in this video, you’ll need to take him for a long walk everyday to keep him in shape–for an adult, that is.

Exercise needs of a St. Bernard

For a St. Bernard puppy whose bones, joints, and ligaments are still growing, keep the exercise to a level that would not over-stress their body but still keep them healthy.   St. Bernard’s don’t do well in heat, so be sure not to exercise them in the heat of the day. If you are thinking about getting a St Bernard, keep in mind that this is a drooler, especially after he drinks or eats.   And they shed!  You’ll probably need to vacuum everyday.   You can read more about St. Bernard here.  Enjoy watching King Kong in his everyday activities.

If you like this video, here is another video of a big Saint Bernard being carried down the ladder.

Article source:  Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy


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