[VIDEO] Tiny Shih Tzu Puppy Playing With Mom


The tiny Shih Tzu puppy in this video is playing with Mom.  He is so adorable when he rests on Mom’s arm, and fell off onto the floor.  Soon, those little legs will get a bit longer.   The lively and playful Shih Tzu is a family companion.  They are gentle with children.  If your puppy grows up with young children right from the start, they will do fine with the high energetic play of children.  If introduced to the young children at a later time, they may not appreciate the high energy play as much, according to Pet MD.

What are Shih Tzu’s like?

Shih Tzu are affectionate with their family, as long as they treat her the same way.  If there’s any mistreatment, they can get a bit skittish.  Even though they love to play and romp, they can at times be a lapdog, to a milder degree.

They do need exercise everyday.  A walk in the neighborhood or in the park would be fine.  And if the weather is not good outside, playing fetch indoor can take help to take care of that energy.  When the weather is nice outside, they may enjoy riding in a basket when you go biking, so they can catch the breeze in their face.

Dental Chews for Dogs
Dental Chews for Dogs

The Shih Tzu has a short muzzle. so it’s not very tolerant of hot temperature.  Also because of its short nose, it’s easy to get water into their nostrils when they drink water.  Some people use a water bottle as a solution.

Pet MD suggests that the Shih Tzu might be kept as an indoor dog for a couple of reasons.  As their hair gets longer, they can get dirty easily and matted.   Unless you intend your dog as a show dog, you might consider haircuts that are easier to manage.  Another reason to keep your Shih Tzu as an indoor dog is because it has a tendency to bark.  And bark for a long time.  They were bred to be palace watchdogs.  So they are merely doing their job.

Enjoy watching this little Shih Tzu spending time with family.  You can learn more about the Shih Tzu here.

If you like this video, here is another Shih Tzu video of 2 weeks old puppies.

Article source:   Pet MD


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