[VIDEO] Toy Poodle Puppy Learning To Shake Hands


In this video, we get to see one enthusiastic Toy Poodle who is very tiny.  He is very responsive to his Mom’s invitation to play.  Poodles are good dogs for families, according to Pet Wave.  They are friendly and outgoing.  They can play with children for a long time, and also like to curl up to relax.

Because they are alert and will let you know when someone is near the house, they make good watch dogs.   Because of their size, Poodles can live in apartments or in houses with a yard for them to run around.  And they do need to run around at least a few times a week.  If they don’t get enough exercise and run off their excess energy, they can get high strung and bark a lot.

Characteristics of Poodles

This is also a dog who likes to use his mind, so make sure you provide interesting activities to satisfy his mental abilities.  Because they like to use their minds, Poodles are quick to learn, and are very trainable.  Just use praise and treats to make sure the learning is a positive experience for them.

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Because Poodles do alert you to unfamiliar people and animals approaching your home, it is a good idea to train them to stop barking on command.  This saves on wear and tear on you, as well as keeping the peace with your neighbors.  Yes, ALWAYS make friends with your neighbor if you have a dog that may bark! 🙂

Poodles are sensitive dogs, they can feel tension and chaos in their environment.  They need to live in a peaceful environment.  Otherwise, they can get stressed.  This is an incentive for us to keep stress out of our lives!  Even though Poodles are very good with children, if there’s a lot of yelling in the house, or other kinds of tension, it is not very conducive to their sense of well-being.  Enjoy watching this happy Toy Poodle playing with his mom.

If you like this video, here is another of a Poodle growing in 50 days time lapse.

Article source:   Pet Wave


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