[VIDEO] Samoyed Cuddling With Her Family

Video Samoyed cuddling with family

In this video, Arora the Samoyed is cuddling with her family.  This is a well-loved dog!  And the most joyful one.  Such soft eyes.  And a beautiful smile, which is a trait of Samoyed.  Actually, that beautiful smile is not so much for looks, but a very practical function, according to AKC.

The Samoyed was bred as a working dog in the coldest parts of the world.  In the town of Oymyakon, Siberia, it’s not uncommon for temperature to reach minus 60 degrees.  Mother Nature shapes the Samoyeds’ mouth upward to keep them from drooling.  This prevents icicles from forming on their face.  Pretty clever!  And that beautiful white coat is thick enough to protect them from severe weather.  That is why Samoyeds accompanied explorers on their Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. It was the Samoyed who accompanied Raold Amundsen when he reached the South Pole in 1911.

Characteristics of Samoyeds

The Samoyed has worked as a guard for reindeer for generations, as well as being a constant companion for their family.  They help to keep their family warm at night by sleeping with them.  They are named after the Samoyed people, a nomadic tribe that travelled to the tundra region.

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In this video, you hear the woman saying the water must be 40 degrees. Yet, Arora acts as if it’s nothing.  That’s heritage right there.

Since they were originally bred to be working dogs, if you are planning to bring home a Samoyed, make sure you give this worker something to do to keep her occupied, or she might find her own entertainment.

Daily exercise is a requirement for these tireless ones.  They do chase things, run, and bark.  So have your yard securely fenced.  And when you take her for a walk, she has to be on a leash so she doesn’t chase after creatures that look interesting to her.

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Article source:  American Kennel Club


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