[VIDEO] Funny Dog Commercial by Volkswagen

video funny Superbowl dog commercial by Volkswagon

This video is a humorous Superbowl Commercial by Volkswagen.  It’s about a couch potato dog that saw a Volkswagen passing by that he wants to chase.  He runs to the pet door, and got stuck because he’s overweight.  Then he looks in the mirror to study the situation.

He puts himself on an exercise routine, dropping a ball down the stairs, then fetching it (dog’s version of stair master) pulling a rug filled with weights back and forth, following a television exercise program.  Swimming in the pool in the backyard.  He looks in the mirror again, satisfied with his progress.  He’s on the couch and heard a Volkswagen drive by.  He dashes out through the pet door, and chases after the car.  Love the humorous scenes in this story.

How to put our dog on a diet without feeling guilty

Gentle workouts for bone strengthening DVD Miranda Esmonde-White
Gentle workouts for bone strengthening DVD Miranda Esmonde-White

As dog owners, it can be hard on us to put our dog on a diet.  The guilt!  Those pleading eyes!  And just an old habit of “one popcorn for me, one popcorn for you” when we are sitting down to watch TV.   There’s a transitional way to do this.

Pets Web MD suggests that you figure out just how much food, including treats, your dog gets each day.  That includes the treats from you, other family members, neighbors, dog walkers, etc.  It is quite possible that just by cutting out the treats, your dog would be fine.

If that’s the case, here’s a gentle method so you don’t have to go cold turkey, and neither does your dog.  Pets Web MD suggests that you switch to healthier treats, and at the beginning of the day, to put the treats your dog may have for that day in a bowl.  When all the treats in the bowl are gone, that’s it for the day.  Another strategy is to gradually reduce the portion of their food, but after consulting with your vet to make sure your dog is getting the nutrition he needs.  You can read more about this topic here.

Article source:  Pets Web MD


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