[VIDEO] Miniature Chihuahua Puppies Hanging Out

video of miniature Chihuahua puppies

The Miniature Chihuahua puppies in this video are hanging out with mom.  Chihuahuas are the smallest of purebred breeds, according to Petchidog.  The standard sized Chihuahuas are no more than 6 pounds, according to the AKC.  That means these miniature Chihuahuas will grow up to be no more than 2 to 5 pounds.  And the miniature puppies will just be a few ounces to 2 pounds.

Because of their tiny size, it really is best not to bring a miniature Chihuahua into a home with young children.  Being dropped or sit on or stepped on is enough to injure this puppy seriously.

How to take care of Chihuahuas

Their tiny size also means that they don’t have much fat reserve, so they get cold easily and shiver.  A room that may feel comfortable to us may be uncomfortably chilly to this tiny one.  They feel more comfortable wearing a sweater or vest or shirt.

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And if it’s raining outside, do put a raincoat on them.  They get chilly easily.  And because they are so tiny, they need to eat more frequently.  Their tiny body can only eat so much at one time.  So feeding them smaller amounts but several times a day is best.

Use only a harness when you put a leash on them.  Tiny dogs get startled easily.  So if you are going to pick them up, approach them from the side and at their level so they see you coming.

Adjust exercise to shorter walks for a miniature dog.  You can read more about miniature Chihuahuas here.

Enjoy watching these sweet little ones hanging out with mom.  If you enjoy watching these Chihuahua puppies, here’s another video you might enjoy.

Article source:  Petchidog


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