[VIDEO] Retriever Goes Shopping Alone

video retriever shops by herself

Now THIS is taking dog training to the next level!   Brava for this self-sufficient Retriever!   She wants a snack, she goes shopping.  Without her owner!   This is very impressive.  The video starts with her carrying a basket in her mouth, heading toward a pet store.  She heads straight for the aisle with her favorite snack.  Her eyesight is good.  There are other snacks in similar sizes, similar bags, but she picks out the one she likes immediately.  No hesitation whatsoever.

A Golden Retriever goes shopping by herself

Since that’s the only thing she needs to buy today, she heads over to the cashier, puts down the basket, picks up the snack with her mouth to give to the cashier, picks up the wallet and gives it to the cashier.   The cashier gives her the snack and returns her wallet after getting the payment.   Then this Retriever carries the basket with her snack and the wallet and heads home.  I am so impressed by how her family trains her to do this.

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Apparently the storekeeper knows the dog, her routine, and the family.   I remember watching a video of a dog in Japan who goes grocery shopping for the family.  I believe it was to buy seafood.  The family called ahead so the shop keeper knows to get the food ready.  The dog arrives with the basket and wallet, and brings the grocery home.

I imagine there are service dogs trained to do this to help owners who may be unable to make the trip, or maybe just to help around the house.

Some dogs really do like to have a job, especially dogs who use to be working dogs.  They can get bored around the house doing nothing.  They feel good to be an active contributor.  The dog in this video certainly looks proud to be on a mission.  Hope you enjoy this video!


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