[VIDEO] Samoyed Cuddling With Mommy

Samoyed cuddling with mommy

This Samoyed loves to cuddle with Mommy.   Watching this video is dog therapy in itself!  It looks like Mom is getting just as much relaxation out of giving this loving affection to her Samoyed.

What are Samoyeds like?

Some say that Samoyeds are not cuddlers, but there are always individuals who are.   This is surprising because Samoyeds originally live closely with the Samoyede tribe (where they got their name.)  And they live in extremely cold climate.  Often the Samoyeds would sleep on top of their people to keep the people warm.  Like an extra blanket.  In fact, some people collect the hair of their Samoyed as they brush them because it’s so warm.  They weave the hair into scarf, hats, gloves for winter wear.  Since the Samoyeds lived in extremely cold climate, their thick hair keeps them very warm.

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Samoyeds are friendly, and they want to be part of the family activities, according to Vetstreet. They are gentle with toddlers, and also play well with older children.  This is a dog who likes a job.  Train him to bring in the newspaper, or have him be your jogging buddy.  If you live in an area with snow, perhaps involve him in sledding.  This is a winter dog.

If you have a yard, be sure it is fenced (but not electronic fence) because Samoyeds do chase.  And they bark.  This would be one of the first things to train when you get your Samoyed.  Their bark can be high-pitched.  Train them to either bark at a low roar, or to stop barking at command.  Don’t leave them alone to entertain themselves for long.  You might find your garden rearranged.   It is good to enroll him in puppy school.  Before he gets all his vaccines, you might socialize him at home by introducing him to different friends.  A well socialized puppy grows into a well-rounded dog.  Enjoy watching this tender video of a cuddly Samoyed.

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Article source: Vetstreet


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