[VIDEO] Lexi The Samoyed Meeting Her Family

video Lexi the samoyed meeting her new family

This is a video of Lexi the Samoyed going to her new home.  Her Mom placed a soft blanket in the car for her to lie on, and gave her a toy to occupy her mind during the car ride.  How smart, not knowing how young puppies respond to their car ride to their new home.  Lexi seems completely at ease.  Her Mom keeps talking to her and interacting with Lexi during the car ride to help her feel even more at ease.  She must have been socialized quite well already by her breeder.

What makes a good dog breeder?

Good breeders do this before they sell a puppy.  Some would even raise cats at the same time so that puppies are accustomed to interacting with other family pets once they go to the new owners.  For some breeds that require longer socialization period, some breeders would keep them longer to make sure that they are well prepared to go into a new family.

How to find responsible dog breeders

The One Minute Gratitude journal
The One Minute Gratitude journal

So where do we find responsible breeders?   Canis Major shares that a responsible breeder often do not advertise because they have no trouble placing their puppies.  Sometimes the puppies are reserved years in advance.  They answer buyers’ questions.  They keep all the puppies that they cannot place.  They give the mother sufficient time to rest in between breeding.  And should a puppy not work out with a family, they will take the puppy back.

Good dog breeders follow up with how the puppy is doing

They see the puppies they produce to be their responsibility for the lifetime of the puppy.  They follow up frequently to see how the puppy is doing.  They guarantee their puppies to be free of genetic diseases that are common to that breed, and will replace the puppy if that disease pops up.  Their intention of breeding dogs is because they love and admire that breed.  They want to contribute to the improvement of the breed.  This is one of the ways that you can identify responsible breeders.  If you enjoy this video of Lexi, here is another one of her as an adult.

Article source: Canis Major


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