[VIDEO] Charlie The Beagle Welcomes New Baby To The Family

video Beagle welcoming baby home

A video like this warms our heart, reminding us of the sweet bond between our dogs and our family.  In this video, we see Charlie the Beagle welcoming the new baby to the family–Laura. Charlie is a most loving dog.  Keep in mind he was in the family long before the baby came home. Watch how he immediately takes on the nurturing role with the baby.   He lies right next to her, watching her vigilantly.  He keeps a respectful distance from her face, not slobbering the baby with wet kisses right away.

How to help our dog adjust to a new baby

Dad is so good in making this transition smooth for Charlie.  While he is holding the baby in his arm, he lets Charlie lie on his shoulder and feels included in this new journey of welcoming a new family member.  Many of us consider our dog as family members; this family really practices it.  Perhaps that is why Charlie behaves like a family member in the way that he nurtures Laura.

Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters

What a wonderful job this family does in introducing their baby to the family dog.  Some articles suggest that preparing our dog before the baby comes home helps our dog with the transition.  Daily routines will be changed.  The amount of attention spent on our dog will be different.  Some families may prefer the baby area to be off limit to their dog at the beginning.

There are ways to help our dog feel more comfortable adjusting to the changes.  For example, long before the baby arrives, gradually change the dog’s daily routine.  Not enough to be noticeable, but overtime, it becomes the schedule you’d be keeping when the baby arrives.  If you prefer to have the baby area off limit to your dog at the beginning, you can do some training using positive reinforcement while you are sitting in a rocking chair in the nursery, for example.  Enjoy watching this very sweet moment.

If you enjoy this video, here is another one of Beagle Charlie and Laura a few years later.


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