[VIDEO] Samoyed Puppies Talking

video sounds of samoyed puppies

In this video, we get to listen to the puppy voice of these beautiful, fluffy Samoyeds.  The ones in this video are around 1 month old.  Listen to their puppy whines.  When they grow up, some Samoyeds can have a high-pitch voice.   Samoyeds are beautiful dogs, with that lovely white coat.  

If you are thinking about adopting or buying one of these beauties, there are some factors to consider before bringing one home.  They were originally bred to be working dogs in extremely cold climate.  Working dogs need to expend their energy, which means they’ll need lots of physical exercises.  Does that match your lifestyle?  Can you spend that much time to make sure your Samoyed has plenty of physical activities?

What are Samoyeds like?

Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy writes an informative article about Samoyed’s temperament.  Of course this is a general description.  Like us, each dog is an individual and has his own personality.  In general, Samoyeds are gentle beings who like the company of humans.  In fact, if they are left alone too long, they can get bored and start chewing up things.  

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However, if you provide enough opportunities for them to exercise, it helps them to vent their energy.  Also, this breed used to work closely with the Samoyede tribe.  When dogs work closely with people, especially in harsh climate, sometimes the dogs have to make decision in the interest of their humans.  This means they have a mind of their own.  How comfortable are you with this quality?  

Some Samoyeds have an instinct to chase animals that are running away from them, such as deer and livestock.  Having a fence in your yard will help.  Samoyeds also shed a lot.  Their hair will be everywhere.  Make sure this is something you can live with.  Or always wear white.  Samoyeds also can bark a lot.  Do not leave them alone outside.  They have a high-pitch voice, and their barking can annoy neighbors.  You can learn more about Samoyeds here.

Enjoy watching these fluffy 1-month-old Samoyed puppies.

Article source:  Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy


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