[VIDEO] Samoyeds Entertaining Children

video Samoyeds entertaining children

The Samoyeds in this video delight in entertaining children.  Just listen to the children’s laughter. Being good with children is one of the wonderful qualities of Samoyeds, according to Gisela Hamlin via Samoyed Rescue.  If you are thinking about getting one of these gorgeous white-coat beauties, there are some factors to consider.

What are Samoyeds like?

While they adore children, remember that this is a big dog.  They may not realize that their size is so much more than that of a little child.  Never let your young child walk a Samoyed.  If he sees a squirrel and decides to chase after it, your child could be dragged along for the chase.

Another factor to consider, Gisela shares, is the independent streak and intelligence of the Samoyeds.  They were bred to be working dogs.  In fact, they know to use their own instincts instead of following their owner’s command in order to save their lives.

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This is highly valued in certain conditions.  As a family pet, they still have the tendency to use their own judgment, which means they may not do your bidding.  And because they are so intelligent, it would be easy for them to become bored, if you don’t offer something more challenging for their mind.

Food does not motivate them.  But they do appreciate having “work” to do.  This work could be playing with the kids, pulling the sled (they are Arctic dogs afterall!) Or even a long walk.

A main reason why people give up their Samoyeds, writes Gisela, is that beautiful white coat.  The shedding!  You need a heavy duty vacuum and a good lint brush.  They shed all year around, and one heavy shedding.  Be ready to spend some time brushing them.  You can read more about Samoyeds here.  Do you have experience with a Samoyed?  Feel free to share them in the comment at the bottom of this page.

Article source:  Gisela Hamlin via Samoyed Rescue


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