[VIDEO] Service Puppy Ace Gets To Meet His Favorite Disney Character


In this video, service puppy Ace gets to meet his favorite Disney character.  It is really an aaawww moment.  Ace is learning to be a service dog.  Part of the training process is to expose him to as many situations as possible, so he feels comfortable in many settings.  Another skill a service dog gradually masters is to not jump or gets distracted from the person he is “serving, guiding, assisting.”  This is a challenge for especially puppies.  Who wouldn’t want to interact with their favorite Disney character?

Ace got really excited, and boops Pluto.  If he weren’t trying to follow some guide dog behavior, he would have kept jumping at Pluto and give him a hug.  It looks like his Mom is reminding him what he learned from school.

Enjoy this special moment that Ace is having with Pluto at a Disney park.


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