[VIDEO] Baby And Her Dog Abba Enjoying A Peaceful Moment Together


In this video, we see a baby and her dog, Abba, enjoying a peaceful moment together.  The little girl’s name is Adelyn.  Abba is her adoring fan who sits with her for a meditative moment.  Looks like Abba is accustomed to being on camera.  She kept looking at the camera the whole time.  Maybe she was trained to do so since there are other videos of Abba.

The baby looks like she is already accustomed to having a dog as a buddy.  The way she reaches out to touch Abba, and the way that Abba does not mind even when her haired is pulled a little, shows these two have developed a wonderful bond with each other already.

Enjoy watching this peaceful moment between Abba and the little girl Adelyn.


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