[VIDEO] This French Bulldog Puppy Will Bring A Smile To Our Face


The French Bulldog puppy in this video will bring a smile to our face.   It’s not anything in particular that he does.   It’s the way he yawns, with that wide open mouth, almost as large as his face.  It’s the way he curls up his little legs.    It’s the way he sucks on the woman’s finger.   It’s his soft eyes.  It’s the way he licks his mouth.

I think the woman is giving him some sort of massage.  The puppy seems to enjoy the foot rub, the neck rub, the scratch behind the ears.  It would be hard to do any work around this puppy.  The natural thing to do is to stare at him and just adore this little one.

Enjoy a moment watching this sweet little French Bulldog.



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