[VIDEO] One Day Old Puppy Reacting To Massage


The one day old puppy in this video is reacting to a massage.  His nick name is Ginger.  He still has his umbilical stump.  Most puppies lose this after just a day and a half.  In this video it may look like the person holding Ginger is disturbing his peaceful sleep, rubbing Ginger all over.   I remember reading that it might be a good idea to help circulation in a newborn by stimulating them in some ways, so there is movement, which is beneficial to circulation, especially when they sleep all day.

So it may seem like disturbing their sleep, but it might actually be helping the little ones increase circulation.  I haven’t done extensive research on the topic, but that’s what I remember reading somewhere.

Enjoy watching this 1-day-old respond to a massage.


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