[VIDEO] English Bulldog Bella Feeding Her 3-Weeks-Old Puppies


The English Bulldog in this video is Bella.  She is feeding her 3-weeks-old puppies.  They sound really hungry.  But then puppies seem to be always feeding.  A mama dog’s work is never done.  Literally, when it comes to young pups.  Even though we see only 3 puppies feeding, there are actually a few more below these 3.

Mom Bella has learned to relax into her job.  Provide easy access to the puppies, and wait for them to be full.  It’s hard to imagine being ready for another feeding for these 5 or 6 puppies in just a little while.  All moms need a lot of rest when they are caring for little ones.

Enjoy this sweet moment of Bella feeding her 3-weeks-old pups.


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