[VIDEO] This Bulldog Loves To Get A Manicure


The Bulldog in this video loves to get a manicure.  His name is Jack.  Most dogs don’t like getting their nails even touched.  But not Jack.  His Mom can file his nails all day, and Jack would be just fine with it.  Watch how Mom is actually done with Jack’s left paw.  She was going to put it down so she can start on the right paw.  But Jack lifts up his left paw to say, “keep going please.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if all dogs can be this relaxed when we trim their nails?  Maybe using a file is a good way to go because it doesn’t have the sound of a nail clipper.  The less stress, the better for the dog being groomed.  And us!

Enjoy watching a very relaxed Bulldog get his manicure and loving it!


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