[VIDEO] The Daily Schedule Of Bebeto The Chow Chow Puppy


In this video, we follow the daily schedule of Bebeto, the Chow Chow puppy.  Look at that face!   How can anyone deny a request from him????  It’s amusing how the videographer shows the time before each activity.  9 AM  Held by Mom   9:05 AM Sleep on floor   9:20 AM  Sleep on desk.  10:05 AM Time to play.

This is one well loved Chow Chow.  Count how many toys he plays with.  Then bubble blowing time.  He likes that.  And TV time.  Bebeto actually sits to watch TV and seems quite absorbed.  Then tummy rub time.  Ah, the life style of the leisurely dog.  A good life.

Enjoy watching this lovely face–Bebeto the Chow Chow puppy-spend his day napping, playing, and watching TV.


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