[VIDEO] Shu The Teddy Bear Dog Hanging Out With Siblings


In this video, we see Shu the teddy bear dog hanging out with her siblings.  You might have watched Shu’s videos from other posts.  Shu is a toy poodle.  She was born February 28, 2016, and lives in Seoul, Korea.  She lives with fur siblings who are about her size.  Part of Shu’s claim to fame is how close she looks to a teddy bear.  If she weren’t moving, it can be easy to mistake her for a stuffed animal.

Toward the end of this video, Shu is getting her hair trimmed.  This is interesting to watch because the trim is so delicate that it gives Shu her adorable look.  Enjoy watching Shu and her daily life in this video.

Image source:  via Godfruits



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