[VIDEO] This Corgi Is Already An Athlete In Spirit


The Corgi in this video is already an athlete in spirit.  Corgis by nature love to play fetch.  This particular Corgi does something unique.  Watch his legs as he waits for his Mom to throw the ball.  Doesn’t he below in the sports arena?  He certainly got the attitude for it.

Enthusiasm is one attribute of Corgis.  They are naturally joyful, and so easy to befriend.  They love to run.  I hope this Corgi has an opportunity to help out in the football or soccer field.   He’s got his movement down already.  With some training, I would not be surprised if he can be a celebrity doggie athlete.

Enjoy watching this excited Corgi anticipate the ball with the spirit of an athlete.


Image source:  via Huff Post


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