[VIDEO] This Dog Finishes Off The Corn On The Cob


The dog in this video finishes off the corn on the cob after dinner.  Her name is Lilly, and she is a Cockerpoo–a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.  The young lady talking in the video just finishes dinner, with a corn on the cob on her plate that still has some corn on it.  She picks up Lilly, who sniffs the corn and decides that she likes some.

Listen to Lilly savor the corn.  Cockerpoos are affectionate and accept everyone.  Cocker Spaniels are stable and sweet.  Poodles like to be around people.  That makes Cockerpoo easy to be around.  And look at that face!

Enjoy listening to Lilly savor what’s left on the corn on the cob.


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