[VIDEO] Siberian Huskies Crawling Alongside Baby


The two Siberian Huskies in this video are crawling with a baby.  The woman is saying to her baby, “Crawl”.  The dogs (who are behind the baby) started to crawl.   I guess they thought the woman was talking to them instead of the baby.

It is also a possibility that the dogs were there for moral support, to encourage the baby to crawl by doing the same thing next to the baby.

Either case, this video shows a well-integrated family.  If the dogs thought the woman was talking to them, they feel equal in the family, no less than the baby.  And if the dogs crawl because they want to encourage the baby to do the same, then this is a really lucky baby to grow up with 2 cheerleaders.

Turn up your volume to enjoy this video.


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