[VIDEO] Smart Westie Figures Out How To Get Treats

video Westie figures out how to get treats

The smart Westie in this video figures out how to get treats out of some bottles.  It’s a contraption made of several plastic bottles with several treats inside.  However, the Westie has to turn the bottles upside down in order for the treats to fall out.  One of the Westies has the mind of a scientist.  As soon as he finds out that he is able to get treats this way, he works the other bottles. His friend stands nearby, benefitting from the genius.  This is a great contraption for thinking dogs. And it certainly intrigues this Westie.

The personality of a Westie

Westies are highly intelligent, according to Laterradios.  They have a high I.Q., and thinks through a situation, then find solutions. They would even set up a “trap” for a playmate.  Games or contraptions like this one help to satisfy the Westie’s thirst for mental challenge.

Not only are they intelligent, the Westie has no fear.  If they feel they need to protect you, they won’t hesitate to take on the world.  Yet, this fearless one will curl in with you for a nap.  If these characteristics match your preference in a dog, you just might have come across the right breed for you.

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Westies are strong and independent.  It makes sense that they are independent if they can figure out how to solve problems.  Even though they are lovable and loyal, they are probably not suitable for families with very young children, who might not know how much pressure to use when playing with them.  A Westie would mind, and would give warning.  If their warning is not respected, they will snap at the “aggressor.”  That’s how Westie mothers teach their young with unacceptable behavior.  However, if children are shown how to read signals and respect them, it might be okay. You can learn more about Westies here.  Enjoy watching this smart Westie figure out how to get treats from a bottle.  If you like this Westie video, you might also enjoy this one.

Article source:  laterradios


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