[VIDEO] These Two Rescue Collies Are Best Friends

video these border collies like to hug each other

The two rescue Collies in this video are best friends.  They are Zain and Envy, both rescue Border Collies.  The white one, Envy, is 9 years old.  Zain is 3 years old.  For both Zain and Envy, this is not their first home.  Both have tried out other families before.  Fortunately, they both have found a family who is just perfect for both of them this time.

I know of someone who adopted a rescue puppy into a family with 2 older dogs.  The puppy was annoying the older dogs with its energy level.  One would not even interact with the puppy.  The other would play with the puppy for a little while, but gets worn out quite quickly.  This went on for a year.   Because of the stress on the 2 dogs, the family decides to return the puppy to the rescue organization where they adopted this puppy.  Happy ending: the puppy found the perfect forever home.  The retired couple adore his energy.  And the family dog appreciates the entertainment as well.

How to re-home a dog

If you know of someone needing to re-home a dog, there are certain things to do that can make the process smoother.  According to Friends of Rescue, if the rescue organization, breeder, or person you got your dog from will take the dog back, they can help with the process of matching the dog with a new family.

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However, if you want to do it yourself because you want to make sure you are satisfied with your dog’s new family, you can make a list of the ideal family for him.  Are there children?  Does your dog like to be around children?   Other pets in the house?  Does your dog like to be around other pets?

After you make this list, then tell friends, co-workers, dog groomer, vets, rescue organizations.  Use flyers.  And screen those who respond. Let there be 2 meetings.  One for the interested person to meet your dog.  The second one is to visit their home to make sure it’s an appropriate environment for your dog.  You can read more about this process here.  

If you enjoy videos of Border Collies, here’s another one for you.

Article source:  Friends of Rescue


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