[VIDEO] Saint Bernard Puppies Playing

video Saint Bernard puppies playing

This is a delightful video of Saint Bernard puppies playing in the yard.  Can’t help smiling at those cute round heads, round bodies, and paws the size of most grown dogs.  And on top of this, the music somehow fits perfectly.

What are St. Bernards like?

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They are so gentle that they probably don’t even know how to rough-house with each other when they play.  We don’t have to wait for them to be giants to see the gentleness in their nature.  Saint Bernard’s are very good with children.   According to Dog Breed Info, they are gentle, friendly, patient, tolerant, loyal, and best of all when it comes to being around children—they move slowly.  Because of their size, it’s important to train them from a young age to not jump on people.

While jumping on others may be cute and still manageable when they are puppies, but not when they are between 100 and 200 pounds.  Imagine trying to control an untrained full-grown St. Bernard at the dog park!

Dog Breed Info writes that St. Bernard’s seem to have a sixth sense about potential danger from storms and avalanches.  This is valuable information, depending on where you live.  Saint Bernard’s like to be with their family.

Hot weather is not comfortable for them.  Neither is a warm room or a warm car.  When they are still puppies, it’s best to take them on short walks and short play sessions.  We want to make sure their bones are well developed and strong before we take them on longer walks.  Even though they are gentle, they make good watch dogs.  Just look at their size.  Who wouldn’t think twice walking up to a dog that’s heavier than they?  You can read more about this breed here.  Enjoy watching these St. Bernard puppies playing with each other.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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