[VIDEO] Pomeranian Boo Loves Getting Dressed

video BOO the Pomeranian loves getting dressed

This video is for you BOO’s fans.  In this video, Boo is happy to get dressed.  He is always happy to get dressed.  Boo’s hair is mostly shaved, except his lovely face.  The reason was his hair was matted, and no dog products could undo that, so that’s how Boo’s haircut came to be.  And it fits him.

Boo wears a different outfit probably everyday of the year, except for every Wednesday.  On Wednesday, he’s Boo al na-tu-ral.  As of March of 2016, Boo has over 17.5 million fans on Facebook.  And there are 4 photo books of Boo.  He IS certainly photogenic.

BOO the Pomeranian and his cute coat

Some people with Pomeranians wanted to get their Poms to look like Boo.  Afterall, humans imitate celebrities’ hairstyles, why not dogs?  These Pom owners write letters to Pet Pom asking about how to give their Pomeranians the BOO’s look.

Pet Pom explains that Pomeranians have 2 coats.  The top one is longer hair.  And the inner coat is a thick and dense undercoat.  Together, these 2 coats give Pom their fluffy look.  Not only that, it keeps their body temperature regulated.  It helps to cool them down when they get hot.

Dog and cat reversible jacket waterproof
Dog and cat reversible jacket waterproof

The coat also protect their elbows and legs.  In Boo’s case, his inner coat has been cut down about 50%.  That explains Boo’s love for getting dressed.  His clothes help to keep him warm.  You can read about this topic here.

I also run across pet parents who worry that their dogs would get too hot in the summer, and start shaving them.  It would be a good idea to consult your vet before doing so.  It is quite possible that your dog needs all that hair to keep him cool.   It’s insulation.   Just like our double-paned windows.  I understand why you want to give them a haircut.  You want them to feel comfortable in the summer.  But do check with their vet first to make sure you are not taking away their insulation from heat by doing this.

Enjoy watching Boo’s enthusiasm in getting dressed.

Article source:  Pet Pom


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