[VIDEO] Shih-Poo Puppies 4-Weeks-Old

video 4 weeks old shih poo puppies

The Shih-Poo puppies in this video are only 4-weeks-old.  They are also known as Shoodle–a crossbreed between Shih Tzu and Poodle.  They certainly got the best of their parents’ looks!  The Shih Poo is a relatively new crossbreed, so there is not a lot of data on them yet.

Depending on the individual, some can be open and affectionate with strangers, while some may be reserved and shy, according to Pet Guide.  Because of their small size, they would do fine in apartments.  However, they love the sound of their own voice, so train them as early as possible to stop barking on command.  This is for your sanity as well as your neighbors’.

What are Shih-poo’s like?

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The Shih-poo is a bright dog.  For some reason, he believes that he doesn’t need to learn how to behave, or learn to use the bathroom, or to learn tricks.  To encourage him to use the bathroom, you might consistently take him outside for the bathroom trip until he completes his mission.  Just a warning, this training could even take up to a year.  This is not an easy one to convince.

An alternative is crate training.  Always use positive methods when training the Shih poo.  Praise praise praise, or use treats.  Shi poo have short attention span, so whatever you are training him to do, make the session short.  Just repeat the skill several times during the day.  Crossbreeds like the Shih poo can tend to overeat, so go easy on the treats.  They like to cuddle with their owners, and it’s best to match them with families with older children than with younger ones who might pull on his hair.  He does not like that.  You can learn more about Shih poo here.  Enjoy watching these lovely Shih poo puppies.

Article source:  Pet Guide


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