[VIDEO] Sonny The Wonder Dog Learns Geometry


The dog in this video can identify geometric shapes.  In fact, he probably knows the shapes better than some human students.  Here are some of the shapes that Sonny can identify:  circle, triangle, square, oval, rectangle, parallelogram, hexagon, trapezoid, pentagon, octagon, I feel amused that sometimes after his mom says “Good job Sonny!” he barks, as if to agree with her.  

I am completely impressed by Sonny’s ability to learn human subjects.   In the second half of the video, his mom trains Sonny to learn colors.  She shows him blue, Sonny would point to the blue, and Mom praises him and gives him treats.  Then she brings in one more card and have Sonny identify Blue.   So THIS is how Sonny learns so many subjects.

Enjoy watching Sonny identify geometric shapes and how his mom trains him to learn colors.


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