[VIDEO] Really Big Dogs Who Still Want To Sit On Our Lap


In this video, you’ll see REALLY big dogs who still want to sit on our lap.   They make me smile.  They may be fully grown, or just really huge puppies.  Whatever their age, they still believe they are the same size as the day you brought them home.   Weight is not a concept that exists in their mind.  They only know about their relationship with you.  And that will always be a constant.

If they sat on your lap when they were just 10 pounds, as far as they are concerned, nothing has changed in your relationship now that they are 180 pounds.  Your lap is still there, and they want to sit on it.  What can you do?!!

Enjoy watching this sweet video of GIANT dogs who still believe they fit on our laps.

Image source:  via HerBeat


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