[VIDEO] Pomeranian on a Shopping Trip

Pomeranian goes shopping

This video allows us to spend a moment with these lovely Pomeranian puppies.   They are really companion dogs, not only for you, but they like YOUR companionship, and don’t like to be left alone for too long.  They get lonely.  So they are ideal for those who can spend a lot of time with them.

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How to care for Pomeranians

Families with older children who know how to  handle dogs would be fine too.  It’s better to not match a Pomeranian with families with very young children because these dogs are so fragile. It’s easy for a toddler to accidentally injure a Pom during playtime, perhaps when rough-housing. Their size is such that you need to train them NOT to jump from the sofa.  If they attempt to jump off the sofa, the height may be twice their height.  If we were to jump down to a spot that’s twice our height, we would ost likely hurt something too.

How to keep a Pomeranian healthy

Adopt A Pet recommends that we brush the teeth of a Pomeranian everyday.  Another recommendation is to get pet insurance to make sure that their hearts and thyroids stay in great health.  This recommendation comes from a Pomeranian rescue.  They must have good reason to make this recommendation since their mission is to rescue Pomeranians.

Grooming for a Pomeranian

Another Pom Rescue writes in this article that their coat needs to be brushed regularly.  They have a double coat, and if not brushed regularly, can get matted.  Even if your Pomeranian is not fond of being brushed at the beginning, encourage her to love the grooming, and make it a bonding experience for both of you.  If grooming is something that you really feel uncomfortable with, you can take your Pom to a professional groomer every 6 weeks or so.  The cost varies.  You might want to ask other pet owners for recommendations.  Not all groomers have the same level of experience.  You can read more about Pomeranians here.

Article source:  Adopt A Pet


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