[VIDEO] St. Bernard Puppy Learning To Use Stairs


The St. Bernard puppy in this video is learning to use the stairs.  His name is Watson.  At this filming he is only 10-weeks-old.  At the beginning of the video, I think Watson is saying, “You guys gotta be kidding!  Do you know how high this one step is?  It’s as long as my leg!”  A second later, Watson actually has one of his hind legs one step down already.  That reminds me of how many of us learn.  Watson objects a few more times about how steep the stairs are.  But the camera distracted him.  And that took his mind off the stairs, and actually moves Watson forward.   Then smelling his mom’s hair distracted him, and he took the second step, without even knowing it.  His progress was made both times when he wasn’t trying.  He was just distracted.  Wouldn’t that be a nice way to learn new skills?

Enjoy watching this 10-weeks-old St. Bernard puppy ease into his mastery of stairs.


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