Photos of Really Big Dogs


The photos in this article are of really big dogs.  The images are compiled by Anna Kopsky of Buzzfeed.  Some of them think they are still lap dogs.  I think dogs are unaware that their size has changed since the first day they met their human family.  They probably think, “Our relationship hasn’t changed, so why can’t I still sit on their lap?”   I think that’s what make these photos fun to look at and make us go Aaawwww.   I particularly like images # 1–Giant playmate.  #3–How many can identify with this picture?  #5–Outgrown his baby pool, but still uses it.  #6–I am tall enough to help myself.  #7–You human go find another bed.  Dips on this one.  #15–Hold me, Dad.  #21–Remember Marmaduke?  #22–See photo below.  #24–I need a bigger bathtub.

CLICK here to see the other beautiful big dogs.

big big dog


Article source:  Anna Kopsky of Buzzfeed

Image source:  via Buzzfeed


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